The name of the association shall be the “Saipan Electronic Darts Association”, hereinafter referred to as SEDA.  The association is managed by the owner of the dart machines (Pacific Amusement, Inc.), in association with the sponsoring locations.  Additionally, guidance is provided by the general membership through the team captains.

The association is formed for the purpose of promoting the sport of Electronic Darts.  At all times good will, sportsmanship and community service shall be emphasized.

Darts are a traditional sport and all normal traditions are welcomed and encouraged.  The custom of the loser congratulating or “honoring” the winner with a “Pint of Ale” (loser buys the winner a drink) is a time-honored dart custom and shall be allowed at all times.  This custom is not mandatory, however, and should be decided by the two players in the game before the first dart is thrown.  No other wagers or gambling shall be permitted and any such activity shall be grounds for disqualification from the Leagues.

Only registered members of SEDA may participate in any leagues or SEDA sanctioned tournaments.  Open tournaments may be held from time to time to promote new membership.

Currently, SEDA’s League sponsor is Marpac and Bud Light beer.  The leagues are called the Bud Light Beer Dart Leagues. Other sponsoring entities may sponsor individual teams and receive advertising recognition through the multitude of press releases and other media coverage of the Leagues Sponsoring locations often will offer happy hour prices for Bud Light beer.  This is available only to dart shooters who are actually on the team roster.  The special usually runs for the duration of the match.  Some locations also offer other specials for the league shooters, such as team shirts and snacks.  Check with the establishment manager for current policy.

The Saipan Electronic Dart Association Bud Light Dart League is the premiere electronic dart league in Northern Mariana Islands with the best competition and with more than 300 players playing every season! This site contains league information as well as other valuable darting resources and content. Everything you’ll want to know about this league such as the weekly standing, schedules, and how to join can be found here. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.











NameTypeParticipantsCreated OnProgress
SBA Budweiser @ 9 ElevenDE9/∞March 28, 2017Done
6jms tourneyDE10/∞March 24, 2017Done
ChowtimeDE10/∞March 14, 2017Done
6jms tourneyDE10/∞March 10, 2017Done
Chow time meetingDE15/∞March 4, 2017Done



Online team registration is now available – Click here to fill-out the team sign up form